How does one write tho



Hello y’all! For those following, I apologise for missing Monday’s post and putting this one up super late. With the travelling, I fell behind – and then spent free time once I got home sleeping, because sleep is fantastic. Hopefully this is not a trend!

Today, I want to address my posts. Re-reading them, especially those written while travelling, I noticed they uh – kinda suck. They’re rambling, unorganized. No real point, just kind of exists. They lacked real substance – some thoughts, but no end. This is fine; to be honest, this is how my brain works and it can take time and a bit of work to get it to be understandable and easy to access for others. I do want to improve this though – after all, why would anyone read anything that is not good, or fun, or informative? So I have decided to focus myself on creating better posts.

My major issue was lack of outline. In essays, you’re told to write outlines all the time – you have your main point, a number of supporting points, and a conclusion. Each point gets its own paragraph generally, and you expand on it with some notes. I take something similar, but with less format (I will show you my outline for this post at the bottom of the post, and that starts to get meta as fuck).

I also noticed that the writing input affected my writing style. Currently, I write this on my desktop. I have a full keyboard, I can switch between this window and others without much difficulty (and this is necessary because I like to look at other things between thoughts). Several of the posts before this was written on my phone, using a Bluetooth keyboard. I quite enjoy this process – it can be done anywhere, and I so enjoy being curled up on a couch. However, every time my group chat dinged, I’d have to click away and then it took a few moments to come back. It also was a pain in the ass editing – I would try to tap where I want to go and was always off by a bit, and then it’d pop up the touch-screen keyboard. It results in a handful of curses, to say the least.

Hopefully between these two things and a list of prompts at my hands, I’ll be able to create better content. We shall see. So far, I think the results speak for itself, don’t you?


Greetings (apologies for missed & late post)

Lacking posts – no org, very rambling, not quality.

Solution – return to essay writing roots at least in part; use outlines and points. Spend more time on it. Writing with mobile phone is alright, but should be only if travelling – and with a written draft 1st.

Result – Well, this post.