Old art

Saturday before last, we lost our family dog. Sheila had been diabetic for a few months, and the last week was very sick. I was fortunate enough to be with her when she passed, though it hit much harder than I expected. 

The next day I found myself staring at a piece I made.  This one;

I made it as part of a comics course in art school. Something to do with time line or music? At the time, it had simply been a cliche I wasn’t super interested in thinking on, though I was proud of how it came out.

I found myself staring at it and replaying moments I shared with Sheila. How she’d sprawl out when sleeping, or go and sniff the front yard whenever I popped out to start my car, and the times she spent when young curled in my legs, this comfortable presence I missed when she started to prefer the floor, and then when I moved away.  

I put up this piece because I wanted to see and remember my pride. However, I found it helped me remember that her life wasn’t the sad end I keep thinking of, but a string of good moments and happiness. I think it helped me in my grief and exhaustion.

Not bad for a comic I forgot the existence of and never thought deeply of before.