Some musical ramblings

What do you listen to? Does it change depending on your activities?

As I write this, I have my 8tracks app open as usual, playing “Purge that Urge”. The tags list “violent urges”, “mental illness” and  “intrusive thoughts”. It’s been a recent favourite. I had stumbled upon it after a period of listening to Bill Cipher-themed playlists (Bill Cipher being an evil demon from Gravity Falls). Scrolling through my favourites, I see ones related to Peridot and Jasper from Steven Universe, and a ton of Five Nights at Freddies. Many of these playlists I have listened to over and over and over again. 

A common theme in my favourite 8tracks playlists are techno and electronica genres, songs that speak to a darker nature, or hold an often violent energy. And honestly, it’s because they relate back to some of my favourite characters – the murdering animatronics of Five Nights at Freddies, or the energetic madness of Bill Cipher, or the anger of Jasper. Peridot seems to be the only exception, with a generally happy feel. 

These are the lists I currently love best for my art. I love sinking into the feeling of working with my clay and paper mache as my mind wanders and creates situations with these characters I adore. 

I think that something I’d like to explore are audiobooks, though I worry about losing track of what’s going on. Until then, I think I should start poking into some Mabill playlists – I wonder how they’d mix the usual swing associated with Bill, and Mabel’s hyperactive feels.