Bonjour, Salut, hello… hi?

Hello internet land!

Welcome to Clueless Art, the blog where I try to stick things together and document my findings – more or less.


(A sketch of an unsure and unkempt man with dorky glasses – self portrait done on cellphone)

I found myself wanting to discuss my processes somewhere more in depth than what Instagram or Facebook can offer. I have multiple projects going on and share my progress with my friends who may be interested, but don’t go in as much depth as I’d like. I also have been wanting, as part of my group of projects, to start doing social media marketing and brand building; well, why not marry the two?

Throughout my blog, I’ll be talking about: paper clay, social marketing, art practices, my studio, woodworking, painting, art school, research, and how art affects my personal life and vice versa, among many other topics. I will try to keep it labelled and within themes. Cross your fingers that it works!

So, thank you very much for joining me on this hobby of mine, and I hope you learn from my mistakes!