Wishlist for health and safety 

Hello All. Unfortunately, I lack any pictures right now, so I can’t do my planned back-fin post, but instead I’ll chat about some health and safety & studio wishes I have!

One of the biggest things I have found with sculpting is that it is a pain in the ass to move the item without messing up the wet clay. This wasn’t such an issue with my angler fish – she is large enough that, even when I worked on multiple sides with my clay, there was always a dry hand-hold somewhere.

No, it’s my damn kneeling man who is a pain in the ass. 

You see, he dislikes sitting nicely. More so if you’re touching him! So, I often had one designated dry limb that I designated as that day’s handle, and held it in one hand while working with the other. This has several issues: I only have one hand to mold and spread clay, it starts to hurt to hold one hand still for so long, and I still manage to accidentally grab wet bits!

I have looked at rotating tables like this:

(Image and item from sculpt.com and item retails for approximately $325)

But that won’t solve my issues with Kneeling Man. So after trying to remember what the hell the pinchy things are called, I looked up sculpture vices. 

(Image and item here at www.leevalley.com.Vice retails for approximately $160)

I believe something like this would work. However, there’s always the same issues that comes with any new tool: is this actually what I want? Can I afford it? And will it be worth it to either only use for a year or so (and give it away when I move) or somehow find space to bring it with me? Finally, do I have space for the thing?

These are questions I’ll have to do some research on, and I’ll keep y’all updated whenever the hell that happens – I do know I won’t be able to afford anything for the next two months, at least.

While I believe getting a vice or spinny table will actually solve several health and safety issues – back health, wrist health, and also the safety of my art pieces – I have one last item on my wish list. Lights. Omfg lights.

On this youtube video by Robin Clonts on social media hacks, the artist suggests getting a setup like this! (ebay – light set up). About $91.

I may have mentioned before, but I live in a basement. I have overhead lights and two lamps to focus on my work, but the quality still is pretty bad. I have managed to get it bright and comfortable enough for my eyes, but I know come painting stage the colours won’t be correct, and my photos are god awful.

However, this light setup is not worth it. Yes, I may be able to afford it in a few months, but I wouldn’t have space to pack it with me (unless they pack up real tight), and I lack space in my studio. I have to twist and wriggle to get in and out to begin with, I can only imagine how often I may accidentally knock them over. 

One day, my precious…

Thank you for joining me today on looking at a few items of my wishlist. I will hopefully be back to regular topics and the like soon; unfortunately I hadn’t gotten enough posts written up before I had to head on a trip. Friday will probably be something also like this, and we’ll be talking about them back fins come Monday.
Have a great day, peace!


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