Fin-icky details

Hahaha I hate myself a little for that pun.

Today we talkin’ about fins, pals, and other fin-ishing details.

But not actually finishing because I still gotta do some other shit to my girl. I just wanted another pun.

So, on the actual body of the fish, I was doing touch-ups. Finding holes where the clay didn’t perfectly seam. Tidying up uneven spots with a bit more clay. Giving a handjob to her light rod to make it a bit bigger. Adding dimension to teeth. These little things that I had no idea I would later be writing a blog post about and thus took zero close up pictures.

I did, however, take pictures of my fins! That was a very interesting process, trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. First, wire fins:


Oh my god, I hated this fin. I hated how annoyingly hard it was to make them – the paper tissue would not glue to the wire, and actually bending the wire into the shape I wanted proved difficult and very hard to make a second one. Plus, compared to an actual angler fish fin, did not have enough sticks (bones?).

So, that was tossed to the side. I instead decided to make ones where I used a drawn template and placed clay within this template to create the bones. This was the jackpot!


This would eventually become one of the fins on my fish now. When it first was dried, I found that it wasn’t too hard to pull away from the parchment paper. I had flipped it over to allow the bottom to dry thoroughly, and laughed when I realized it had also pulled up the marker, and it was such an interesting effect. I also found that there was ‘crusties’, which I simply used one of my sculpting tools to run along the edges and scrape off.

This same technique, but with the parchment flipped over to create a reversed one, made a second one. I made the bones thicker this time because I had accidentally broken one of the bones of my original one and had to put paper clay on and let it dry again before I could work on it.


Soon I had my two fins, and what beautiful fins they were…


The next step to come would be getting the membrane on, so to actually look like fins. Before starting, I was super worried about this step. On Monday’s post, I will explain more. See ya then!


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