The Creation of Angler Fish

“Why did you decide to make an angler fish lamp?” you, the hypothetical reader, may ask. Also, my brother. I think I scared him when I showed the things I have done. (coughgenitaliacough)

Well. The short answer is, ‘iunno, seemed fun’. The long answer is, at work a lamp broke. Instead of throwing away the bit that makes a lamp a lamp (iunno what you call it – the wire with the bulb socket?), I took it with manager’s permission.

I spent a day thinking about it, and then went, hey aren’t there fishes with these lights on their head? A bit of googling brought up some images, and I was like, yup. This is what I will do.

So, with some old signage (also from work – it’s a trend I have, of taking garbage from my employments to make things), I made the angler fish.

angler fish skeleton

She’s beautiful. :’)

With her body created, I started layering on paper mache. This was last summer, by the way, so I got to let her dry outside! I miss sun… Also, the picture looks a whole lot better than when it was in the basement.


(could’ve cropped it, but I wanted to show my pup. She liked it when I was outside all the time.)

I was very happy with how she was taking form, even though there was spots I had no clue how I was going to tackle when I got there (how does one fin?). Thankfully, I was smart enough to leave her with a hole in the bottom so I could put in her light – this wouldn’t happen until much later, when the majority of her body is clay’d up.

Next time, I’ll show you the claying process, which has been the longest part so far.


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