My Man

While I have worked with wire in art school, I have never used it solely to create an armature or skeleton for a sculpture – the wire has usually been the sculpture itself. So, this was somehing new I wanted to try.

So, I started. And because I wanted to be in my blankets, I did it in my bed. My only real inspiration was “I wanna do a human thing.” I think I chose the kneeling/waving position just because it was something different and extra challenging, particular because of balancing.

As a fun fact, I have anywhere from 4 to 8 blankets on my bed at all times
It’s really nice to do art in bed

That was quickly done; I then added my tinfoil to create the meat of it. I wore gloves because cuts are not fun and I get them enough thank-you-very-much. I used masking tape on top to give it a better surface for my clay.

Skeletons look odd without the meat so who knows if it's proportionate
Gotta hold his hand so he doesn’t fall over

Now to the fun part! I started applying paper clay. I thought, oh I could apply to the whole structure, and be done quicker. Except I realized, not really. I couldn’t find a good hold on the body without pushing my fingers into still-wet clay, or weirdly holding the one leg left. Then, when I decided I was done trying to juggle this shit, I realized he didn’t exactly lay anywhere safely. 
Eventually, I figured out a way to have him balanced between an old paint container and an ice cream bucket, which would later become his typical drying rack (picture taken from 3rd session because I forgot to take pictures before).

Somehow he doesn’t fall off

It took a bit of work to get him to balance when standing (kneeling, I suppose) on his own; with the first session, he was left very heavy to one side. The second session saw me managing to get him to balance. He can now stand successfully on his own, provided he’s placed just right and is never touched ever. This will be fixed, though I’m still working out particulars…

With the third session, I focused on giving his limbs the proper sizing and form. The first two sessions saw them being flat and muscle-less, more thin tubes than anything. So I gave his thigh and arm more shape, adding bulk to the upper parts and tapering down. As you can see, part of my sculpting included a focus on that ass. 

I think I need to even them out though?

I would like to finish this entry of the project in stating how proud I am of that butt. It is magnificent. 


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